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"PM Modi lives in palaces, will he understand farmers plight" says Priyanka Gandhi, attacks PM for calling Rahul Gandhi 'Shehzada'

Banaskantha: Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for labelling her brother Rahul Gandhi as 'Shehzada'.
Speaking at a rally in Banaskantha, Priyanka Gandhi alleged that while Rahul Gandhi had walked 4000 kilometres, PM Modi was sitting in his palace and would not understand the plight of farmers.
"PM Modi calls my brother 'Shehzada'. I want to tell you that my brother walked 4,000 kilometres, met the people of the country and asked them what are the problems in their lives. On the other hand, emperor Narendra Modi lives in palaces. How will he be able to understand the helplessness of farmers and women? Narendra Modi is surrounded by power. People around him are afraid of him. No one says anything to him. Even if someone raises his voice, that voice is suppressed," she said.
Prime Minister Modi in his election speeches has been referring to former Congress President Rahul Gandhi as 'Shehzada'. On May 3 the PM criticised Rahul Gandhi for not contesting from Amethi.
"I told you earlier that the Shehzaada would start looking for another safe seat for himself, fearing defeat in Wayanad. He was so afraid after losing Amethi in 2019 that he bolted all the way down South, to Wayanad. Now, he has escaped to Raebareli. These people often go around telling people, 'Daro maat' (don't be afraid). It's now my turn to say the same to them--'Arey daro maat, bhaago maat' (don't be afraid! don't flee!)," he had said.
Meanwhile, in Banaskantha Priyanka Gandhi continued her attack on the Prime Minister alleging that he is only concerned about big people and not the common man.
"Look at the working style of today's Prime Minister. Gujarat gave PM Modi respect and gave him power, but he is seen only with big people. Have you seen PM Modi meeting a farmer? Farmers protest against the black laws. Hundreds of farmers are martyred, but the Prime Minister does not even go to meet them. Then as soon as the elections come and they feel that they will not get votes, then PM Modi changes the law," she said.
Priyanka Gandhi also alleged that the BJP wanted to change the constitution.
"You get rights from the Constitution. The biggest right is to vote. Along with reservation, the Constitution has also given citizens the right to question and agitate. Therefore, when BJP people say that the Constitution will be changed, it clearly means that they want to snatch away the rights of the people," she said.
"Mahatma Gandhi ji, who was the greatest personality in the world, was born in the land of Gujarat. Many great men including Shri Sardar Patel ji, and Veer Ranchhod Rabari ji were born here. Many great men of the country fought against the British government for independence. They liberated the country and gave us a constitution. Therefore, we all have to understand the importance of the Constitution," she further added.
Priyanka Gandhi is scheduled to campaign in Haveri, Karnataka later in the day.

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