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Three hotels in Bengaluru receive bomb threat emails

Bengaluru: Three hotels in Karnataka's Bengaluru received bomb threats on Thursday, including a five-star Hotel, The Oterra, said Deputy Commissioner of Police South East Bengaluru.
The threat was delivered in the early hours of the morning at approximately 2:30 am.
The threatening email stated that the bomb threats were intended to "divert attention from the Jaffer Sadiq DMK Drug scandal involving the DMK's first family" by orchestrating the blasts.
"My father DGP Sankar Jiwal IPS has colluded with ISI Pakistan-DMK cells in Coimpattur to carry out a distraction operation to divert attention from the Jaffer Sadiq DMK Drug scandal from the DMK first family. Hence such diversion blasts in Banks are planned. Please evacuate the premises by 2:30 PM or earlier and call the BDSS as soon as possible. Kindly all call at the same time as some person in the BDSS are under my dad's supervision. We dont want the blood in our family's hands! Please ACT.. Don't REACT!," the threat email mentioned.
The hotel staff, upon discovering the alarming message in their inbox in the morning, alerted local law enforcement authorities.
The bomb squad and the police are currently at the Oterra Hotel and an investigation is underway. The threat email comes just months after a blast at the popular Rameshwaran Cafe in the city.
On the afternoon of March 1, during the bustling lunch hour at The Rameshwaram Cafe, a well-known restaurant in Brookfield within Bengaluru's Information Technology corridor, a low-intensity IED bomb detonated, injuring nine individuals.
The two prime suspects identified as Adbul Matheen Taha and Mussavir Hussain Shazeb, were arrested by the NIA from Kolkata. The duo, both residents of Thirthahalli, Shivamogga district, were identified as the perpetrator and the mastermind, respectively, of the attack. Following their arrest, they were produced before an NIA court in Kolkata and the agency got the three-day transit remand of the accused duo.
Earlier this week, on Tuesday, The National Investigation Agency (NIA) cracked down on multiple locations in four states as part of its efforts to uncover the entire conspiracy behind the Rameshwaram blast.
In a coordinated action, NIA teams searched 11 locations in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh, said the NIA.

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