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Shreya Jain on joining Udaariyaan: I wanted to showcase my versatility as an actor

Actress Shreya Jain is all set to showcase as rather new side of her acting prowess. She has recently joined the cast of Ravie Dubey and Sargun Mehta’s Udaariyaan, and says that the show has a lot in store post leap.

“I have taken this show because it’s exciting to explore new storylines and challenges, showcasing my versatility as an actor and bringing depth to the role. A leap in a storyline can be risky, but it can also make the story more exciting and keep the audience engaged and interested. It gives a chance for new twists and character growth,” she says.
She adds, “I’m playing the role of Meher. She is a beautiful, confident, and fashionable businesswoman. She is a boss lady, independent, and straightforward. We are shooting in Chandigarh and it’s an amazing city with wide, clean roads and a refreshing environment. It’s culturally rich with the vibrancy of Punjab, and the most beautiful thing here is the fields (khet), making it an enjoyable place to shoot.”

 Ravie Dubey and Sargun Mehta are great dynamic young producers, she says, adding, “Ravi Sir and Sargun Ma'am are both amazing, sweet, very talented, and hardworking people. They take care of all their people and are very warm and welcoming.”

 Meanwhile, she says that she is not nervous about joining the show mid way. “Joining an existing show is challenging, but I see it as a great opportunity. It pushes me to bring my best performance. The support from the cast and crew also makes the transition smoother and more enjoyable,” she says.

She adds, “On the first day on set, I take my time to familiarize myself with the environment. I spend some time getting to know my cast and crew members, go through my script and scenes, and ensure that I’m fully prepared. I keep myself focused to do my best.”

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