Tuesday, March, 28,2023


“More than our ability, the stability of our mind is important”, said Gaur Gopal Das, an Indian monk, lifestyle coach and motivational speaker, while addressing a session, ‘First Edition: Energize Your Mind’ in conversation with Puneeta Roy, youth activist and filmmaker at Front Lawn in JLF on the concluding day.

With the ‘unconventional’ Monk Guruji Gaur Gopal Das, we delved into deeper parts of life, happiness, struggles and relationships. The session was charismatic and ignited a sense of personal belonging with his out-of-the-box motivational skills.

He gives us precious insights on how there are two things when it comes to being in the ashram, the first being around 80 monks living together and the second, how the essence of all relationships is the same. The principles of relationships are love, acceptance, tolerance, and giving respect while maintaining yours.

He was asked about how one should go about handling their life, relationships, ambitions, and themselves all at the same time. In response, he asserted that the two things he never compromises upon are self-care and his connection to his spiritual self. He further explained that if we neglect our own needs in favor of our jobs, and families, or fulfill everybody’s expectations, we will surely end up exhausting ourselves.

He focused on prioritizing metime, having a part of every day where we do nothing, relax, be with our own thoughts, and give our minds and souls what they need.

To keep ourselves fueled and capable of being efficient all our lives, we must all take care of ourselves instead of burning ourselves out. When prompted with a question about his opinion on the saying “karam wahi karo jo karna hi fal lage (whether one should focus only on the goal, or focus only on the process that takes you towards it), he reminded us to always pay attention to the process, and not worry about the final outcome.

During the session, his book ‘Energize Your Mind’ was released.
What started as a light conversation about routines and modern problems of the modern world soon turned more impactful and interesting. He managed to empower us with positivity and hope in the most pleasant way possible.

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