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COLORS’ ‘Krishna Mohini’: Five COLORS’ duos that personify the power of a SaaRthi

COLORS is all set to launch its new show, ‘Krishna Mohini’, a heartwarming family drama that demonstrates the importance of having a saaRthi (guiding force) in one’s life. Celebrating the endearing bond between a brother and sister residing in Dwarka, Gujarat, the upcoming show follows Krishna (played by Debattama Saha), who is her younger brother Mohan’s (played by Ketaki Kulkarni) ‘SaaRthi’, standing firm like a lighthouse to illuminate the darkest paths for him amid life's challenges. COLORS has presented the strength and value SaaRthis bring into our lives through its diverse shows with characters that are selflessly giving. Let's cherish the profound relationship between an individual and their guiding force as we look back at five memorable duos from the channel’s shows that epitomized the essence of a true ‘SaaRthi’.

1.    Krishna and Mohan from ‘Krishna Mohini’
In the upcoming show ‘Krishna Mohini’, viewers will witness the journey of Krishna, an optimistic and devoted sister who is her younger brother Mohan's saaRthi and pillar of strength. Embodying the essence of sisterhood, Krishna is prepared to brave any storm to protect her beloved brother. 

2.    Veer and Bulbul from ‘Mera Balam Thanedaar’
 'Mera Balam Thanedaar' showcases Veer's dedication and support for Bulbul, guiding her through every challenge they face together. From advocating for her education to shielding her from adversities within their family, Veer stands as Bulbul's companion, always prioritizing her happiness and safety. Through his actions, Veer shows what it means to be a SaaRthi, setting a remarkable standard for partnership and encouragement.

3.    Doree and Ganga Prasad from ‘Doree’
Winning the hearts of the viewers, ‘Doree’ showcases the heartwarming bond shared between a young girl, Doree, and her father, Ganga Prasad. Despite her tender age, Doree displays remarkable courage in safeguarding her Baba from the pitfalls of society. She gently guides her father as a saaRthi shielding him from potential harm. Doree's portrayal beautifully captures the transformative magic of familial support and guidance, enthralling viewers with its touching narrative.

4.    Mangal and Lakshmi from ‘Mangal Lakshmi’
 After watching 'Mangal Lakshmi', what struck a chord with viewers was the love between sisters Mangal and Lakshmi, who seek respect in relationships for each other. In this family drama, Lakshmi relies on her elder sister for guidance in every aspect of her life, from significant choices to everyday matters. Lakshmi consistently seeks her sister's counsel, trusting Mangal's choice. As the show progresses, it unfolds the depth of their relationship, highlighting Mangal's influence and the invaluable role of a SaaRthi.

5.    Sanju and Parineet from ‘Parineetii’
Amassing the appreciation of the audience, the storyline of 'Parineetii' shows Sanju as Parineet's devoted husband and confidant. His steadfast support becomes the backbone of Parineet's strength, guiding her through life's challenges and shielding her from the shadows cast by her foe Neeti. An embodiment of a true SaaRthi, Sanju offers great guidance to his wife, going out of the way to celebrate her and make her feel loved.

Watch 'Krishna Mohini' premiering on the 29th of April at 7:00 pm and after that every day only on COLORS!

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