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Mr Universe Beauty Pageant Announced

The year 2020 marks the establishment of a new beauty pageant Mr Universe. Glamanand Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. Owned by Nikhil Anand announced the Mr Universe beauty pageant. India will be the headquarters of the beauty pageant having its franchise holders worldwide.

Mr Universe also called as Mister Universe pageant will aim to be the world’s most prominent beauty pageant for men. Glamanand Entertainment is known as the home of a few of the biggest international beauty pageants like Miss Teen International, Miss Teen Earth, Miss Multinational, etc. Mr Universe will be a strong addition to the list of beauty pageants owned by Glamanand Group and having its origin in India.

The Mister Universe pageant aims to identify a well-rounded individual who excels not only in physical appearance but also in various aspects of personality, intelligence, and talent. Here are some key aspects of the Mister Universe pageant:


Comprehensive Evaluation: Contestants will be evaluated in multiple categories, including sports, talent, multimedia, and fashion. This reflects an effort to highlight a diverse set of skills and qualities beyond just physical attractiveness.

Sports Challenge: The sports segment involves contestants participating in various athletic challenges, testing their physical fitness and sportsmanship.

Talent Showcase: Contestants will showcase their talents, which could include singing, dancing, or other performing arts. This segment emphasizes their creativity and individual skills.

Multimedia Challenge: This aspect assesses the contestants' ability to engage with the public through digital and social media platforms. It measures their communication skills and online presence.

Fashion and Style: The pageant will include a fashion show where contestants display their sense of style and elegance.

Interviews: Contestants will be subjected to interviews, allowing judges to assess their communication skills, intelligence, and personality.

Charitable and Social Initiatives: Mister Universe/Mr Universe will involve a commitment to philanthropy and social causes. Contestants may be required to engage in community service or promote charitable projects.

Finale: The pageant will conclude with the crowning of the Mister Universe titleholder, who is expected to serve as an ambassador for the organization and engage in various promotional and charitable activities.



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