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Who is Arshina Sumbul? Know her winning answer at Glamanand Supermodel India 2023

Arshina Sumbul is the newly crowned Miss Grand India. She was crowned as Miss Grand India 2023 by the ongoing titleholder Praachi Nagpal at the grand finale of Glamanand Supermodel India – Miss Grand India 2023. Arshina is a 25-year-old girl from Jaipur. She was born in a Muslim family and is a graduate in Computer Applications.

Arshina is a professional model who has done shoots for hundreds of brands. She has also been the face of TV Commercials for Dove, Coca-Cola, etc. She is a leading fashion runway model in the country.

19th September 2023 accomplished the dream of Arshina Sumbul as she will now represent India at one of the Top 3 international beauty pageants. Arshina Sumbul will represent India at Miss Grand International 2023 from 3rd October. The Grand finale of Miss Grand International will be held on 25th October in Ho Chi Minh City.

The Final Question at Glamanand Supermodel India 2023 asked Arshina Sumbul: “What do you think about the ongoing war and violence? How can we stop it?”

Arshina Answered: I believe we live in a world where everybody wants to be the richest, most powerful but nobody ever thinks to be the kindest. And that is the problem, we have to start to respect each other to end the war. Because war is the biggest ongoing problem we are facing. Human vs. Human, we always talk about whether AI is going to take over or Aliens are going to abduct us, but what about the present problems, what about the war we are holding against each other? Well, I live in a Country where we are taught to Coexist with love, peace, and harmony. This is the message I want to convey to the world, that start to respect and learn to co-exist. Because, If We don’t end the war, the war will end us.

Arshina Sumbul has huge responsibilities on her shoulders now. The Jaipur girl will represent our beloved country India on the Global Platform with the aim to win the first Miss Grand International Crown for India.

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