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TIME Cyber Media Announces Winners of Indian Icon Of The Year Awards,2023 & Summit

TIME CyberMedia, in association with partners First India & News10india (News Partner), Igougo (Travel Partner) & Xoom Studio (Creative Partner) concluded the prestigious Indian Icon Of The Year Awards, 2023 & Summit to celebrate and honor the winners at different levels and Segments for their continuing commitment to excellence, developing best practices and innovative strategies for the growth of the service sector with vision and inspiration. On Sunday, Indian Icon Of The Year Awards, 2023 were held in New Delhi to celebrate and recognize those Achievers, Innovators and Leaders of the Healthcare and service sector for their commitment to excellence, best practices and innovative strategies for the continuing development of the ecosystem. The Program witnessed starry presence Mr. Sandeep Patil as Chief Guest and Mr. Alok Kumar, IPS. The event was a hub of doers and achievers from Education, Service and Media sectors. The event was a huge celebration of the Education, Service and Entertainment Industry. The platform gave a great opportunity for professionals and stakeholders to exchange views and ideas encouraging budding talent to work hard and take calculated risks. The exacting and daunting feat of zeroing-in on the winners was achieved by TIME CyberMedia Media, with the support from its associates and partners, after an elaborate and meticulous selection process which included inviting nominations from potential nominees, substantial research & surveys, collation of feedback & opinions, screening based on pre determined judging parameters and subsequently choosing the winners through an independent jury panel. The significant parameters which were considered for selecting the winners included Qualification & Professional Experience, Infrastructure & Facilities, Market Presence & Competition, Growth & Profitability, Quality & Operational Excellence, Financial & Business Acumen, Innovation & Novelty in Services, Ingenuity and Imagination, Sustainability & Environmental Awareness, Job & Impact Potential, Client/Customer & Industry Feedback, Use of Technology & Trends, Efforts for Risk & Setback Mitigation, Previous Awards & Achievements etc. A comprehensive list of winners of the Indian Icon Of The Year Awards, 2023 Vertex Global School, Ms. Subuhi Khan, Mr. Mukesh Gupta, Mr. Deep Singh, Mr. Prakaash Desai, Paramhans School, Pt. Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Srivastava, Gawar Construction Limited, HBeonLabs Technologies Pvt. Ltd., St Fernando College Of Nursing, Mr. Ravi K Manda, Interior Jagat, Mr Kapil Pathare, SpiritOfIndia, Balmukund Concast Pvt Ltd, Bliss and Best Foundation, Sandeep Gun, M S Management Consultancy Pvt Ltd, The Go To Market Company, MeD Miracle Health Care, Jazzbaat24 News Network, Mr. Anson Samchristy, Dr. Ankit Singhal, Dr. Nikil Sam Varughese, Dr. Rajesh Lalchandani, Ms. Jit Dahiya, Dr. Christin Anna Shaji, Mr. Filip George Shaji, Dr. Sandeep Kumar Ghand, Mr. Azeem Akhtar, United School of Management, Dr. Pawan Kumar Sharma, Dr. Preet Kanwar Singh, Bng Hotel Management Institute Kolkata, Md Ali Khan, Dr. Palvinder Singh, Dr. AV Srinivasan, Vplant Speciality Clinic, Surgical E Studio, Stain Repellent, Mr. Rajesh Raj, Mr Vijay Sharma, Mr, Chandreshekhar Kumar Sharma, Mr. Abdul Wahid Azad, Mr. Shambhu Kumar, Mr. Nirraj Pathak, Mr. Adarsh Kumar, Shri Kishori Sharan Ji Maharaj, Mr. Deepak Kushwaha, Mr. Brehmendra Jha, Mr. Deepesh Kumar, DNYS, Dr. Uchit Kapoor The Group Director of the company, Mr. H N Jha expressed later that, “The pandemic COVID-19 has affected the service industry most. And, the way industries like Agriculture and Allied sector, IT, Healthcare and Education bounced back is commendable.” He further elaborated, Adversity is the biggest opportunity. The way various segments of the service industry performed carved a way for others to follow. Every challenge became a chance. Dedication, Hard work, innovative approach, adaptability and zeal to excel redefined Indian service industry. We at TIME CyberMedia are committed to organize more awareness through such events as such conglomeration are the small token of appreciation to each winner for their continuous dedication to the business fraternity and mankind along with the society as a whole with best practices and ethics. These recognitions are to support morally and further strengthen their ability to drive their objective through turbulent times, apply the best of the professional modules to manage and keep their missions afloat. We as an organization are committed to provide the best platform to celebrate and highlight the excellence to most deserving talent. All the entries are stringently evaluated against internationally recognized standard on an industry-wide global scale”

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