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'Dhartiputra Nandini' serial is getting huge success on third week

Mumbai 22 August, Dhartiputra Nandini is being telecasted on Nazara TV from Monday to Friday at 8.30 pm. About twenty-three episodes of this serial have been telecasted and are being liked a lot. The serial Dhartiputra Nandini is produced by DCT Movies and its producer is Deepika Chikhalia Topiwala.
The story this week is as follows, Sumita Devi is about to throw Kamya out of the house but Imarti Devi saves her daughter-in-law from going out of the house. The next day, while giving tea to Akash, Nandini spills the tea on his laptop. Akash becomes very angry with this action of Nandini. To pacify Akash, Nandini says that she will repair the laptop. She washes the laptop in water and dries it. Seeing this, Akash gets even more upset and starts getting irritated with Nandini. Priya, the daughter-in-law of the Bhardwaj family, feels insulted by her illiterate sister-in-law's presence. She leaves the house with her husband Suraj. Kamya goes to Imarti Devi's room at midnight and says that she has brought ashes from a miraculous Baba and with the help of these ashes she will capture Nandini in a bottle so that she can get rid of Nandini forever.

The next day, Kamya along with Imarti Devi captures Nandini in a bottle and hides the bottle in the store room. The bottle slips from Imarti's hands, comes out of the store room, and falls into Akash's hands. Akash brings the bottle to his room and tries to get Nandini out of the bottle. With the help of Akash, Nandini comes out of the bottle.

Then Kamya suddenly wakes up from sleep. As soon as she gets up, she starts panting while taking long breaths. Kamya realizes that she was dreaming all along and Nandini's captivity in the bottle was just an illusion.

On the insistence of his grandmother Sumitra Devi, Akash takes Nandini to a restaurant for lunch. Nandini has never been to a restaurant before, so she starts eating noodles with her hands. Akash feels embarrassed because of Nandini and starts leaving from there. While going out, Nandini accidentally falls into the swimming pool. Without thinking anything, Akash jumps into the pool to save Nandini. After coming home, Kamya and Imarti are ready to harass Nandini. Together they throw red chillies in Nandini's eyes and start beating her. Nandini saves herself from their clutches.

This week two new characters Dulari and Beera are entered. Dulari and Beera together are going to spoil the mood of the Bhardwaj family. To see what storm both of them will bring in the future, keep watching the serial Dhartiputra Nandini.

Sumitra Devi i.e. Deepika Chikhalia Topiwala says, “As the story progresses, the character of Sumitra Devi is becoming stronger. Sumitra Devi is trying her best to remove the bitterness that her grandson Akash has towards his wife Nandini as soon as possible.

The heroine of the serial Nandini i.e. Shagun Singh says, “Nandini's character is surrounded by troubles from all sides but she is also a farmer's daughter who will not lose courage under any circumstances. The daughters-in-law of the Bhardwaj family want her out of the house, especially Kamya and Imarti Devi, who keep finding new ways to trouble her every day, but Nandini will one day win everyone's hearts.

The protagonist of the serial, Akash i.e. Aman Jaiswal says, “Akash obeyed his grandmother and married an illiterate girl but there is no similarity between the two. He gets angry at every little thing Nandini does, like washing the laptop in water and eating noodles like dal and rice.”
Similar thrill and entertainment will be seen in producer Deepika Chikhalia's TV serial Dhartiputra Nandini. Keep watching the story of Sumitra Bhardwaj's family only on Nazara TV.

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