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Maniesh Paul who has garnered praises and love from cinegoers for his performance in Jugjugg Jeeyo opens up about his Journey Shooting experience, Rejections and many more in an exclusive conversation with First India News.

Maniesh has been known for spreading smiles and laughter wherever the actor goes speaking on the same he shared, “I have been god gifted, I never plan things it happens organically. I just want the people around me should be happy on the set on the shows or wherever I go I make sure the Bts team is happy there should be a smile on the face that would reflect on screen too. As they say ‘Khushiyan Baatne se Badhti hai”. The actor said that “ As an artist, it’s important to manage the professional and personal life and both should work smoothly the balance between the two is very important” speaking on his personal experience that actor shares, “ Fortunately have been blessed with a wonderful family who allows me to be myself when I am at work but at the same time when I am with them I don’t indulge in anything related to work”

With the success comes rejections Maniesh shares his mantra of dealing with rejections, “The journey has splendid, I don’t look back and regret anything that has happened I feel Whatever happens it happens for a reason. Life’s like a train journey and everything that comes your way is like a station it should be treated that way so whatever I have done has taught me many things. On the journey, I met many people, faced many rejections, and many people criticised but at the same time many people appreciated me as well. Someone told me to make everything easy and go with the flow. So if something upsets me I get sad for 5mins and then move on. I believe life is a very beautiful thing and one must nurture it and take life as it comes. When I used to go for auditions other people often asked me if these things affected and I always told them today is not my time but tomorrow will be mine and I left the auditions with a smile. So for me it’s not about time always sometimes we actually don’t deliver a good play so I tend to learn and explore the reason behind my rejections”. On being asked what kept him going The host turned actor said, “I am a very emotional person, I cry at the tiniest inconvenience but at the same time I don’t let sadness overpower me. I feel it’s a time waste. I want to be the jugnu who can make people smile that’s what matters to me and makes me happy. As I said at some point in life we need to pretend a lot of things. I don’t hold on to things I believe in ending things by sorting things out by talking “

While it’s a known fact that the Mickey Virus actor shares a very heartfelt bond with everyone in the industry be it a Bollywood star or a television actor Maniesh Paul is someone who has been loved everywhere. The actor shares, “Whenever I make a joke on any celebrity we enjoy the same jokes during the afterparty. I really appreciate that others don’t take my jokes seriously. After every show, I’ve only received calls appreciating my gigs and jokes. I know Karan Johar Sir for a long but I’ve never asked them for a film I feel that they know me and when they feel apt they’ll cast me for the same. For me maintaining a friendship with them is the priority” Being a fanboy the actor also shares a special bond with BigB, the actor recalls, “I remember Bacchan sir had tweeted that ‘Maniesh this is for you Jug Jug Jeeyo’ it took me 10-12 days to digest this appreciation. I cannot describe the feeling it was such a happy moment.”

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