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PM Narendra Modi’s precondition for becoming karyakarta - Atul Pandya, Gujarat BJP

In 1979, there was Sangh Siksha Varg. I was in Class 10 at that time. In those days we didn’t have big pandals set up for events. There was the modest shamiyana, tied to the ground at four ends. It was summer time and there was an unexpected cyclone. The tent got inflated like a balloon. Everyone at the venue was astonished to see what was happening there. Narendra Modi ji was sitting just behind us. As soon as he saw the situation, he ran with a small kitchen knife and tore open one side of the tent’s curtain. Soon the air escaped and the tent deflated. That day I realised the power of quick decision-making that Modi ji displayed and how such a quick presence of mind helps save lives.

Secret of Modi’s work culture - Saurabh Shah, Journalist

The thing that astounded me is Modi ji’s work culture. He is a patriot and works with complete dedication. But, for him, it is not that only those who are loyal to him are tapped for their potential and brought to good use. All that matters to him is expertise and getting the best from that expertise a person has. The purpose is progress and collective good.

There was once a meeting with us and after about two hours of discussions with Modi ji as we were coming out, I asked him, what is the secret of your efficiency? There must be something special in your work culture which is why it is appreciated by the whole world. Without going too deep into the details, he gave me a small example. He said, see, if I need a driver, I will test the driver for his skill and expertise in driving the car and nothing else. That is the only yardstick I have. I am not concerned with how he salutes me. After this, he put his hand on my shoulder and laughed. That was enough for anyone to understand why and how he has such a robust work culture.

When Modi met the top cops - Kiren Rijiju, Union minister

An all India DG-IG conference is held every year. It was being held in Guwahati for the first time and PM Narendra Modi sent a message to all DGs about the dress code to be followed, how long the meeting would last and the subject-specific studies that have to be discussed. Before Modi was the Prime Minister, the DG conference was a one-day perfunctory affair, where the DGs would assemble, the PM will come and speak for 30 minutes and it was all over. This was happening for the first time that the Prime Minister stayed with the DGs for three days to be an integral part of the programme. The routine was hard and focussed. There was a yoga session at 5:30 in the morning. At 7:30 sharp it was breakfast time and even during breakfast, for instance, as I was the MoS, I was assigned DGs of six states and an IB official to take notes, deliberate and discuss on topics of importance that would be taken up in the day. Then we would move straight to the conference hall and this gruelling session continued for three days. Officers had never experienced such intensity and seriousness before. They had never seen a Prime Minister who was so deeply involved in each and every topic and discussed everything so minutely. It was a lifetime’s experience in governance and administration for all of us.

Quick decisionmaking: Hallmark of Modi’s leadership - Bipin Sikka, Gujarat BJP leader

Narendra Modi ji once given an example. He said, open the morning’s newspaper and when you see the headline, ‘Bomb blast in school bus in Kashmir, 8 kids killed, 22 injured’, does that sound to you a normal daily news story or strike you as a personal tragedy? If it is just news to you then know that you are in politics only to promote your personal aspirations. If this incident makes you restless, gives you sleepless nights, then there is some patriotism still alive in you. He used to say, as a karyakarta, you are here to give to the nation, to society. You are not here to take anything. So, the karyakarta had no illusions and later he won’t be disappointed later on for things he won’t get.


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