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Rajasthan is one of the most beautiful states of India. The culture here is famous all over the world. We Rajasthanis are proud of our glorious past, historical buildings and culture. Colourful Rajasthan has an immense treasure of heritage, hence the World Heritage Day celebrated every year on April 18 is special for us. This day also reminds us of our responsibility, the reason is clear, the purpose of celebrating this day is to bring awareness towards the conservation of historical and cultural sites related to human civilization all over the world. It means to remind us that we have to save and maintain the heritage. And to hand it over to the new generation.

The credit for celebrating this day globally goes to the Paris-based International Council on Monuments and Sites. The first ‘ World Heritage Day ‘ was celebrated by the International Council of Monuments and Sites on April 18 in the year 1982. For the first time this day was celebrated in Tunisia. During that time only 12 sites in the world were included in the list of world monument sites.

Overall, old buildings and places may become dilapidated with time but they are witnesses of different histories. There are many stories associated with the walls of old places , from victory and defeat to art and culture as evidence. But they remain alive here , in such a situation, through World Heritage Day, an effort is made to remove the dust on these stories.

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