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Mugdha Godse Gives Tips On how she redecorates her Home During Dussehra

Dussehra symbolises restoration, after the destruction of evil. It is one of the biggest Indian festivals and is celebrated with the loudest pomp and show. People participate in burning their past sins along with the big Ravan and rejoice in the victory of goodness over evil. Every home and every locality is charged with celebrations and preparations. 

Ending a long period of 9 days of Navratri, Dussehra comes like a closure to one of the largest feelings of festivity of the country. 

Marking this festivals traditions of making changes and cleaning one's home to remove the unwanted and evils ,Mugdha Godse also opened up saying,"I celebrate Dussehra by decorating my home in a traditional way 

The main door is decked up with a lovely toran. I make updates to the decor of the house and move the furniture around to welcome Dussehra. The spirit of this festival is divine and teaches a lot about the importance of believing in the goodness. It leaves with the relief of knowing that Good overcomes Evil at the end if everything and that should remain with us always."

Mugdha Godse, known for her performance in films like 'Fashion', 'Jail', 'Heroine'and 'Thani Oruvan', among others is a symbol of fashion in the industry. With trends that set inspiration on every social media, Mugdha rules over many hearts in the country.

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