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Lahore airport fire: International, Hajj flights delayed

Lahore: Fire broke out at Lahore airport in the lounge area causing chaos and disrupting several international flights, including the inaugural Hajj journeys, Aaj News reported.
Swift action from emergency responders contained the flames, ensuring no harm to individuals. However, the fire, originating from the immigration counter's ceiling, filled the lounge with smoke, necessitating the evacuation of passengers.
Images broadcasted by Aaj News revealed the billowing smoke, painting a picture of the tumultuous scene. A specialised team has been mobilised to determine the fire's cause, with airport authorities noting significant damage to the immigration counter.
The incident's ripple effect extended to flight schedules, with the first Hajj departure and five other international flights encountering delays. Qatar Airways flight QR 629 was among those affected.
Despite concerns about immigration processes, incoming international flights remained routed to Lahore airport, with no diversions. The absence of an emergency declaration from airport authorities underlined efforts to manage the situation.
The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) reassured the public that international flight operations were being managed from the domestic departure lounge, with the situation stemming from a short circuit being brought under control by early morning.
Presently, Hajj and international flights are being accommodated through domestic facilities, with expectations of resuming regular domestic flight operations shortly. The spokesperson emphasised prioritising seamless immigration processes for arriving flights, ensuring minimal disruption amidst the aftermath of the incident, Aaj News reported.

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