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Abhishek Nigam to play the lead role in Sony Entertainment Television’s Upcoming Show ‘Pukaar - Dil Se Dil Tak’

The first glimpse of Sony Entertainment Television’s upcoming drama, 'Pukaar - Dil Se Dil Tak' has created intrigue amongst viewers with its compelling narrative of love, loss, and redemption. Set against the backdrop of Jaipur, the show follows the lives of a mother and her two daughters, who are tragically separated by a wicked scheme. As fate would have it, the paths of Saraswati, Vedika, and Koel will unknowingly converge once again under unexpected circumstances and together, they must confront the forces who tore their family apart. 
The dashing Abhishek Nigam has been roped in to play Sagar Maheshwari, the heir of the renowned Maheshwari family. A lawyer by profession, Sagar has a strong intellect, but his cynicism often clouds his view of the world. Despite his moralistic nature and deep respect for women, he is emotionally withdrawn and doesn’t believe in love. Sagar's journey is marked by an intense ambition to carve his own identity, separate from his father's name given the strained relationship he shares with his father. 
Actor Abhishek Nigam shares his excitement about playing this role saying, "I'm really thrilled about being a part of 'Pukaar - Dil Se Dil Tak' as it's a gripping story; playing Sagar’s character is going to be quite an adventure as he has multiple layers fueled by his fears and motivations. He is a confident and intelligent young man who doesn’t believe in love but from within, he is battling with his own emotions and conflicts that have stemmed from his past. He masks his pain with sarcasm and a superiority complex, but beneath that façade lies a vulnerable side that becomes more apparent with time when he meets Vedika. He's trying to break free from his family's legacy while grappling with his own beliefs about love and life. So, bringing multiple emotions to life is going to be quite an interesting roller coaster ride.” 
'Pukaar - Dil Se Dil Tak' is coming soon only on Sony Entertainment Television!

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