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Owing to the Valentine’s day mood, “Bade Din Se” by Muskaan feat. BB 16 contestant Soundarya Sharma alongside Sameer Mark has been unveiled .While the music of this slow-pace romantic song has been given by Sajid Khan, Sajid’s daughter Muskaan and Altamash Faridi have given their melodious vocals to the track. Speaking in an exclusive conversation with Ashish Tiwari of First India the trio spoke about their experience and more.

When asked Soundarya about the song she shared , “I was extremely happy when I got this song , because this is something that every actor looks forward to , especially the fact that works keep coming in no matter what. I said yes the first time I heard this song as it was very soothing to the ears and it brought a smile on my face”

Sharing her experience Muskaan shared , “ Both Soundarya and Sameer have done a fabulous job , every frame is real and natural like a real story is being depicted” Sameer said , “Sajid Sir and Soundarya were like my mentors on the set they told me how to get things done”, laughingly Soundarya added , “This is a song where all emotions are expressed through emotions i had to keep gathering him because the song is about the chemistry.”

The song was made during the lockdown about the longness in a relationship and was penned out beautifully by Sajid Khan.

Muskaan said , “A lot of people have told us that the song has reached out and people relate to the song”. Soundarya sharing her experience on shooting said , “The location was so beautiful and iconic that the romance and chemistry came from within and our director and sajid sir have beautifully executed that vision in the song”

Sameer Mark sharing his journey said “ After modelling and shooting on Facebook i joined Instagram, I was the first influencer who got famous on Instagram. As at that time we didn’t really have too many outfits but I Played on editing skills . I always wanted to leave a mark hence added a mark on my name. When your intensions are pure you will always get the best of everything”. Soundarya added , “ Its very important to dream and to execute our dreams , in a protective family pursuing acting was a journey of it’s own. If I can do it anyone can so I want to inspire everyone”.

The music video was shot near the Indo-China border and in Sikkim. This project also marks soundarya’s first project after her successful stint in the biggboss 16 house.

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