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Madness Machayenge’s host Harsh Gujral's witty banter earns him a Kiss on his photograph from Mallika Sherawat

With each episode of "Madness Machayenge - India Ko Hasayenge," Harsh Gujral solidifies his status as a comedy sensation. Paired with Huma Qureshi, Harsh's infectious charm and sharp wit captivate audiences, earning him widespread acclaim. In a thrilling culmination to the latest episode of Madness Machayenge, renowned host and comedian Harsh Gujral showcased his quick wit and charm, leaving celebrity guest Mallika Sherawat awestruck and delighted. The show witnessed a heartwarming moment as Sherawat, captivated by Gujral's response, couldn't resist expressing her admiration by planting a kiss on his photograph.

Throughout the season, Gujral has consistently dazzled audiences with his impeccable comedic timing and ability to navigate diverse topics with ease. However, it was his interaction with Sherawat that stole the spotlight.

As Sherawat posed the question, Gujral responded with his trademark humour and intelligence, earning accolades from both Sherawat and the audience. His clever answer not only entertained but also showcased his depth of understanding and perspective.

In a spontaneous and endearing gesture, Mallika, visibly impressed by Harsh’s response, leaned forward to plant a kiss on his photograph, much to the delight of the studio audience and viewers at home. The exchange between the two personalities encapsulated the essence of Madness Machayenge – a blend of laughter, intellect, and genuine moments of connection.

Harsh’s ability to charm and entertain while engaging with guests on a deeper level has been a cornerstone of Madness Machayenge’s success. As the episode concludes on this memorable note, fans eagerly await the next episode of the show, anticipating more laughter, surprises, and heartwarming moments.

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