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Weavers in UP's carpet city Bhadoi say international expo mart, ODOP benefitted them

Bhadohi (Uttar Pradesh): Weavers in Bhadohi, a small town in Uttar Pradesh famed worldwide for its carpets and with an annual Rs 40,000 crore business turnover say the One District One Product scheme has been beneficial for them and that a return of the BJP government will help them further.

Demand for hand-woven carpets from Bhadohi also known as the Carpet City has a huge demand in the international market.

The city is located only 62 m from Varanasi, the Lok Sabha constituency of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Brijesh Kumar Gupta, a carpet businessman, told ANI, "It is a business worth Rs 40 thousand crores and there is a possibility of growing further... Now the International Expo Mart has made a lot of difference because the buyers feel that we are going to a party where the product is made and we are seeing reality. If there is no mediator in between, then they are feeling comfortable.".

"Road infrastructure, airports--everything has been built, it has doubled since the formation of the Modi government. There were bad road conditions ten years ago. Citizens from South Africa are big fans of Modi ji.. Some US customers had stopped coming because of bad roads; everyone and international buyers are coming. Expo Mart has become a big source ..Carpet Industries is continuously progressing ...," Gupta said.

"The electricity charges have been reduced. Online transfers have brought a lot of convenience and ensured transparency. ... Local product are being promoted. One district, One product; therefore, the demand for carpet has increased in the country through ODOP, he said.

"20-25 lakh people are associated with the industry, he said, adding that "Earlier, we used incentives; this time we have launched a campaign to get a rebate of the tax we pay. We hope that the government will respond."

"About 10-12 lakh people are associated with this industry in Bhadohi. We are positive about this election. Modi ji will come again and think about the weavers to take the country forward. Just like he is building houses for the poor, similarly, he will build for the weavers too...," he said.

Neha Baranwal, who is a carpet designer, said, "There is a lot of potential in the carpet industry, especially if we talk about women. The most important thing is that educated or illiterate women can also work in this industry..."

"We get a big opportunity by setting up the International Expo Mart in Bhadohi because not all companies are big; some companies are start-ups; it is very good for them, buyers from outside come and interact with them...," she added.

On what the women associated with the carpet industry think about the elections, Neha said, "I believe that we have benefited a lot; employment opportunities are there, and if this (BJP) government comes again, we will make further progress. And more employment opportunities will be available. Safety and respect for women have increased."

Bhadohi Parliamentary constituency is one of the 80 Lok Sabha constituencies in Uttar Pradesh.

Ramesh Chand of the BJP, the current MP of Bhadohi ahd won the 2019 Lok Sabha elections by securing 510029 votes, while 466414 votes were polled in favour of Rangnath Mishra of the BSP. Ramesh Chand clinched a landslide victory with a margin of 43615 votes.

Voting will be held in Bhadohi on May 25. BJP's Vinod Kumar Bind is pitted against Lalitesh Pati Tripathi, AITC and BSP's Dada Chauhan.

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