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Nepal police arrest students protesting in front of parliament demanding resignation of Home Minister

Kathmandu [Nepal]: Nepal Police arrested about 12 students who were protesting outside the country's parliament demanding the resignation of Home Minister Rabi Lamichhane.

Members of the Nepal Student Union (NSU) on Friday afternoon chanted slogans demanding the formation of a parliamentary committee to investigate cooperative fraud amounting to millions in which Lamichhane is allegedly involved.

The student wing of the opposition Nepali Congress- NSU shouted the slogans "Charge the cooperative fraud", "Justice for cooperative victims" "Where is GB Rai" and others as police detained them.

"We have arrested a total of 11 protestors demonstrating in front of parliament, a restricted zone," Nawaraj Adhikari, Spokesperson at District Police Range told ANI over the phone.

Nepali Congress has continued to protest in parliament demanding the formation of a parliamentary investigation committee to probe
cooperative fraud involving Home Minister Rabi Lamichhane.

On Thursday, a scuffle broke out between opposition and ruling alliance lawmakers in the lower house of Nepal parliament over the same issue.
Nepal's Home Minister Lamichhane has been alleged of fraud in a cooperative duping millions of rupees of savers cons-pirating with others.

Lamichhane has been denying the allegation stating he was unaware about it. However, evidence of his involvement in the fraud has come forward with the investigation being conducted.

Lamichhane had earlier worked with GB Rai, one of the conspirators in the fraud of millions of rupees before he entered politics in the last election, who as of now has gone underground with police widening search for him.

An investigative report conducted by Pokhara Metropolis over the alleged fraud in the cooperative has just been completed this week and submitted to the Police where hundreds of applications naming Lamichhane as one of the involved in fraud have
been filed.

Allegations have been made against Lamichhane for misusing his authority to transfer top-positioned police personnel who have been investigating the case. Apart from this, he has been blamed for misuse of authority by coercing and forcing the Office of the Attorney General to give him a clean chit on the issue of cooperative fraud.

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