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Congregation of Savants

Jaipur Literature Festival 2023 includes opportunities to meet your favourite authors and brush up on your writing skills (aided by enthusiastic professional authors). In order to foster a true love of reading, most of the festivals offer extensive programs of story-telling and other fun activities for children and young adults.

With the rise in the digital age, it has been tough to maintain the love for traditional publishing. The biggest testimony to the revival of books is the large swathe of literary festivals mushrooming up in every part of the world. The 16th edition of Jaipur Literature Festival attracted huge numbers of people from all backgrounds togetherreaders, writers, playwrights, and publishers who come to spend a week or weekend exchanging ideas with like-minded people on Day 5 on Monday at Hotel Clarks Amer, Jaipur.

Jaipur Literature Festival brings people of all backgrounds together. Basically, everyone loves what reading represents: the stirring of ideas, the sparks of recognition, and the realization that we are all connected.

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