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Amish Tripathi on War of Lanka and Beyond at JLF 2023

Jaipur: On the third day of JLF 2023, Mythological author and diplomat Amish Tripathi sopke vividly of his work and how he writes what he writes. Talking about his writing, Amish stressed on the fact that he has no magic of his own and he just follows where the story takes him. "I do not create stories, stories come to me, and I'm just a channel. It's a blessing from Lord Shiva I guess."

Amish also stressed about how we need to change our education system and include more culturally inclined texts. Amish is known for bringing a lot of contemporary lessons in his book, every now and then.

His books are amazing take on mythology but also include a lot of management and life lessons. "I don't know about it really but I do speak of philosophies. There are also leadership and life lessons, what is just and unjust? How you define just and unjust? I try to bring out both pros and cons in my tales."

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