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Two apprehended with over 200 grams heroin in Mizoram

Lunglei: In a major crackdown against the drug menace, Mizoram Police on Sunday seized 222 grams of heroin worth approximately Rs 1.11 crore in the international market from the outskirt of Sateek village in Lunglei district and apprehended two persons for the same.

The team apprehended two persons were identified as Lalhruaitluanga who is 25-year-old and Vanlalruata, 27 years old.

"In yet another major success in recent times, yesterday night, CID (SB) Ops team seized 222 grams heroin, hidden in 17 soap cases, valued approximately Rs 111 lakhs in the international market, at the outskirt of Sateek village from the illegal possession," Mizoram Police said in a tweet.

"The accused are identified as Lalhruaitluanga (25) s/o Dailova of Lunglei venglai and Vanlalruata (27) s/o Doliana of Electric veng, Lunglei," it added.

Police said that the officials are working to break the supply chain of drugs in Mizoram.

"We continue to work day in and day out to disrupt the supply chain in our relentless #WarOnDrugs. However, demand reduction is also equally essential with the help of other stakeholders and civil society," police further tweeted.

In another incident, Mizoram police also nabbed one person with 502.46 grams of heroin worth Rs 251 lakhs in the Hnahthial district on Friday.

"We are on duty around 24x7 everywhere to catch the criminals. In another major success in our #WarOnDrugs, yesterday night, the Hnahthial PS team seized 502.46 grams of heroin, hidden in 40 soap cases, valued at approximately Rs 251 lakhs in the international market, at Leite, Hnahthial District from the vehicle and possession of Lallianzauva (42) s/o Tlangrema (L) of Maudarh, Leite Village," Mizoram police added. (ANI)

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