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CM secures release of 4,00,000 Metric tons of coal

Jaipur: In a significant achievement, Chief Minister Bhajan Lal Sharma has successfully secured the release of 400,000 metric tons of coal (approximately 100 coal rakes) stranded in Chhattisgarh. This will bolster the reserves of Rajasthan’s power plants, ensuring an adequate electricity supply for the public.

The Rajasthan State Power Generation Corporation had awarded a five-year contract to Aryan Coal Beneficiation India Limited (ACBIL) for coal supply from SECL’s mines to Suratgarh and Chhabra thermal power plants. However, in July 2022, the Chhattisgarh state departments of GST, Mines, Revenue, and Environment conducted a joint operation, sealing ACBIL’s washeries. Consequently, Rajasthan’s 400,000 metric tons of coal were stranded in these washeries. CM Sharma promptly contacted Chhattisgarh CM Vishnu Deo Sai and the central government, urging release of coal. Due to Sharma’s relentless efforts, Chhattisgarh govt acted swiftly and seriously to facilitate coal’s release. Recently, District Collector of Korba issued an order to release 400,000 metric tons coal.

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