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After being rejected first, this big South actress refused to star in Mani Ratnam’s PS-1

Mumbai (Maharashtra): Ponniyin Selvan is a huge project which has had an enormous team behind it working hard for its success. The film has a huge star cast and obviously, it would be an honourable privilege to be able to be a part of such a magnum opus. So, why would an actor reject this project due to any reason, right? But there is someone who chose to say no and concentrate on her personal life. It is none other than one of the most beloved actors in the South, Amala Paul. She has tasted the glory of a successful career for the past 13 years but unexpectedly decided to take a sabbatical right before the pandemic.

Talking about rejecting the Mani Ratnam directorial with ETimes, Amala recalled that she was initially rejected for the film when she first auditioned. “There has been a very valid reason for why this has happened. So, Mani Ratnam sir auditioned me for 'Ponniyin Selvan' and I was so excited about that. I am a huge fan of Mani sir and I was so excited about it. And that didn't happen at that time. I was so disappointed and sad.”

She further revealed how the tables turned to her side and said, “Then in 2021, he called me for the same project. And like I said, I was not in the mental state to do it, so I had to turn it down. If you ask me if I regret doing that, I won't, because certain things are just perfect. It's perfectly designed and I think it's just about how we look at it.”

Amala lost her father and was not in a good space for a long time. Her sabbatical too was for the same reason and after working on herself and her mental health for years and reveals to now have emerged as a completely different person.

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