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Educational tour of Sanskriti College students

Educational tours are an excellent way to enhance the learning experience of students. Educational trips provide an opportunity to explore the world outside the classroom and gain practical knowledge. Educational tour is an important link for the development of the overall personality of the students. These trips provide a good opportunity for the students to learn from their own and others' experiences. When students go on educational trips, they are able to describe any subject matter by seeing it directly with their own eyes. From this we come to know about geography, history, different types of architecture, building art, different customs in different periods, education, way of living etc. It enhances the critical thinking skills of students and gives students a chance to think about a topic or subject from a different perspective.

On 16 February 2024, students of Sanskriti College, Mansarovar went on the much awaited educational trip to Manali - Kasol. College Principal Dr. Manisha Sharma wished the students a pleasant and safe journey and guided them to discover and learn valuable information through this journey.

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