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Learn All About Rahu With Vedic Astrology Expert Rajveer Patel

Rahu is a shadow planet, and it acts like the planet it is associated with or the house it is in like a shape-shifter. If Rahu is with Mars in the eighth house, it will try to act like Mars and exert influences similar to Mars, but the effects will be distorted.


Astrologer Rajveer Patel of Rudraksha Gems elaborates more on the effects of Rahu in people’s lives. He says Rahu is responsible for material ambitions, karmic influences and unforeseen circumstances.


The shadow planet exists as an unseen space at the point where the Moon's orbit intersects with the Sun’s path. The following are the key roles of Rahu in Vedic Astrology according to Astrologer Rajveer Patel:


  1. Karmic Influences: Rahu is considered to be a karmic planet and its position in the birth chart represents the impacts of the previous karmic lifetimes. It indicates the soul’s journey and difficulties that arise from unfinished business of the past.
  2. Innovation and Unconventionality: Rahu inspires people to reject accepted wisdom, investigate novel concepts and adopt unique methods of problem solving. It is the planet of originality and nonconformist thought.
  3. Material Desires: Rahu is associated with material aspirations and worldly desires. It influences a strong desire for material achievement, a goal not always in line with spiritual development.
  4. Challenges and Obstacles: Rahu’s placement in a house can bring opportunities or obstacles and individuals can undergo times of sudden change and turmoil in the sphere of life Rahu is placed in.
  5. Materialism and Illusion: Rahu is linked with material desires and therefore can lead to illusions. Its influence can make people confused between real goals and imaginary dreams.


The effects of Rahu are increased during the eclipse, particularly solar eclipse, a time for spiritual self reflection.


Mars and Rahu in conjunction in the same house can have many effects on people. Mars is the planet of anger, courage and initiative. According to Rudraksha Gems’ Astrologer Rajveer Patel the conjunction of Rahu and Mars in various houses can have the following effects-


  • Mars – Rahu Conjunction in the first house offers you a boastful attitude about your worldly achievements in life, as well as an offensive and domineering personality in intimate relationships.
  • Mars – Rahu Conjunction in the second house implies Mars may cause financial losses, whilst Rahu might cause rapid financial gains, therefore the conjunction of these two planets in this house may have both a positive and negative effect.
  • Mars-Rahu Conjunction in the third house may shower you with courage and initiative to make daring attempts to achieve success in life, which can be favourable or negative depending on where it is placed in the horoscope.
  • Mars-Rahu Conjunction in the fourth house may cause troubles at home with concerns including peace and prosperity, and you may have strained connections with your mother.
  • Mars-Rahu Conjunctions in the fifth house might cause problems with childbirth and relationships with spouses. This combination can be advantageous in terms of confidence and enthusiasm, but it can also lead to use of dishonest means.
  • Mars-Rahu Conjunction in the sixth house will encourage you to challenge their opponents if threatened, but it will also have an impact on your health due to neglect.
  • Mars-Rahu Conjunction in the seventh house suggests issues in love, marriage, and alliances.
  • Mars-Rahu Conjunction in the eighth house can result in extramarital affairs and dishonesty in marriage partnerships, but it can also be useful for advanced and in-depth research.
  • Mars-Rahu Conjunction in the ninth house can make people suspicious of your acts, therefore one must make persistent attempts to keep his or her professional profile clean.
  • Mars – Rahu Conjunction in the tenth house will provide you an excellent profession and reputation in society, but you will be constantly afraid of losing money and relationships.
  • Mars – Rahu Conjunction in the eleventh house makes a person prosperous and wealthy, however it does not protect your morality as you strive for success in your undertakings.
  • Mars – Rahu Conjunctions in the twelfth house will cause difficulties in all facets of life, both personally and professionally.


In-depth analysis into this conjunction and how it is affecting your life can be done after studying your horoscope. Astrologers like Rajveer Patel often use the position of this conjunction and the position of Rahu to gain insights into your life and provide remedies for the issues that plague you personally and professionally.

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