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Sonam Khan shuts down the rumours of being a part of Bigg Boss OTT 3, says "I am my own boss, Not Doing Bigg Boss"

Sonam Khan, the iconic Bollywood actress of the 90s, known for her memorable roles and hit songs like "Tirchi Topi Wale" from the movie Tridev, recently addressed swirling rumors about her participation in the upcoming season of Bigg Boss OTT. In a definitive Instagram post, Sonam Khan put an end to all speculations with a clear message that she will not be a part of Bigg Boss OTT Season 3.

The actress, who captured hearts with her performances in films like Tridev and Ajooba, took to Instagram to share her stance. Alongside a picture of herself, Sonam wrote, "So many rumours out there! But as of now, I am my own boss! #NotDoingBiggBoss." This statement not only clarified her current professional direction but also effectively quashed any expectations of her imminent return to the limelight through the popular reality show.

Sonam Khan's decision comes amidst considerable anticipation from her fans, who were eagerly awaiting her comeback after nearly three decades in the entertainment industry. Many had expressed their excitement and support for her potential involvement in Bigg Boss OTT Season 3, hoping to see her once again grace the screen and showcase her charisma.

As Sonam Khan continues to enjoy a dedicated fan base that cherishes her contributions to Bollywood classics, her recent Instagram post serves as a reaffirmation of her deliberate career decisions. While fans may have to wait a bit longer to see her on screen again, Sonam Khan's statement ensures clarity and closure regarding her involvement in Bigg Boss OTT Season 3.

For now, as the actress asserts her autonomy as her own boss, admirers and industry watchers alike will eagerly await her next move, respecting her choice while cherishing the memories she has created through her timeless performances.

Sonam Khan's Instagram post not only silenced the rumors but also reminded everyone of her enduring presence in the hearts of her fans, ensuring that her legacy in Bollywood remains as vibrant as ever.

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