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One injured in Ukraine drone attack in Moscow: City Mayor

Moscow: Ukrainian drones attacked Russia's capital Moscow on Sunday morning, emergency services said, adding that one person was injured, TASS News Agency reported.
"A security guard was injured in a Oko-2 building as a result of the blast. Glazing from the first to the forth floor were shattered as a result of a drone attack," a source told TASS. Earlier, Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin said the city was attacked by Ukrainian drones.
"Tonight there was a Ukrainian drone attack. The facades of two office buildings in Moscow City were slightly damaged. There are no casualties," he wrote on his Telegram channel, according to TASS News Agency.
Earlier in the day, the Russian Defence Ministry said they have destroyed one of the drones in the air over the territory of the Odintsovo district, while the other two were suppressed and crashed in Moscow City.
The Vnukovo airport in the capital, Kyiv, was closed for arrivals and departures due to the incident.
On July 28, Sobyanin reported an attempted attack by an enemy drone that was shot down by Russian Defense Ministry.
“The Kyiv regime carried out a terrorist attack with an anti-aircraft missile of the S-200 air defence system converted into a strike version on the residential infrastructure of the city of Taganrog, Rostov Region,” CNN quoted the Russian Ministry of Defense as saying.
Regional Governor, Vasily Golubev said there was a rocket explosion in the middle of the city on Friday in a Telegram post. “There are several victims, ambulances are handling the victims. Four people were slightly injured by broken glass. Information about the damage is being specified,” he said. There have been no deaths, he added.
The Russian Ministry of Health later said 14 people had been injured, CNN reported.
According to the Defence Ministry, Russian air defence systems intercepted the missile, fragments of which fell on the city and damaged buildings. Another missile was also downed Friday elsewhere in Rostov, the ministry added.
The Russian defence ministry further claimed that Ukraine launched a drone attack on the Moscow region overnight Friday, but said that its air defences thwarted the attack, which did not cause any damage or casualties, CNN reported. (ANI)

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