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King Charles III ascending to throne "interesting moment" for India: Indian envoy Vikram Doraiswami

London: Indian High Commissioner to the UK Vikram Doraiswami said that the coronation of King Charles III is an "interesting moment" as the people of India feel a special relationship with the British monarch.
Speaking to ANI, he said that Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar is here in the UK for a "historic moment" in the country's history. Speaking about the visits of members of the UK's Royal family to India, Vikram Doraiswami said that King Charles III as the Prince of Wales travelled to India at least 10 times. He said that Queen Elizabeth II was a regular visitor to India for her ayurvedic treatments.
"I think the Vice President is here for a historic moment in this country's history. This is the first coronation in something like 70 years and the interesting part of course for India is that His Majesty the King is someone who is no stranger to India. He has visited India at least ten times as the Prince of Wales," Vikram Doraiswami said.
"His family- the Queen she herself has her own personal connection with independent India in fact of His Majesty. She has been a regular visitor for her own ayurvedic treatments. Her late brother was hugely involved in animal conservancy in particular of elephants. There is genuine affection for India and all its complexities and diversities and all of our heritage and our history. So, I think for us in India seeing His Majesty ascend to the throne is certainly an interesting moment one in which we feel a certain special relationship with His Majesty in particular. I think his affection for India is, I'm sure, warmly reciprocated by most Indians too," he added.
Indian envoy Vikram Doraiswami said that they are "honoured" to host Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar in the UK. He said that they are "delighted" that India at the coronation ceremony of King Charles III is represented by one of its highest dignitaries.
"For us having the Vice President for us in the High Commission and for the Indian community we're very honoured and proud to be able to host him here for this for this important historical moment, Vikram Doraiswami said.
He further said, "Even though it's a short visit, we are delighted that we are represented by one of our highest dignitaries at the coronation ceremony itself, but also at all the events that preceded the coronation today, the event at Buckingham Palace earlier this afternoon an event at the Commonwealth Secretariat at which His Majesty not only met the King twice and spent a lot of time with him, but also our vice president managed to spend time meeting a number of important world leaders, including the President of Brazil, the President of Italy, the Prime Minister of Korea, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, of course, and a number of our commonwealth partners as well."
Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar and his wife Sudeep Dhankhar on Friday is in the UK to attend the coronation ceremony of King Charles III which is scheduled to take place on May 6. During his visit, Dhankhar interacted with the Indian community in the UK.
Speaking to ANI, Geetanjali Bahl, a Hotelier and a Social Entrepreneur said, "I am feeling very much proud. And what I can see already, we have good relations now because our Prime Minister is also Indian now in UK and when Mr Dhankhar, whatever he have explained, is really brilliant. And definitely it's going on in India and India is growing. And of course, it is proud moment for us that he's here with us and we are here to celebrate this evening with him. So it's really super excellent, actually."
Responding to the question on whether the ties between India and UK will be further strengthened, she said, "Definitely it will. Definitely, it should be. And it will be."
Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar, while interacting with the Indian community in the United Kingdom on Saturday, said that India at the moment is the "democracy which is most functional on any global parameters" and appreciated the community members for their contributions to the society and lending strength to India-Britain ties.
He said, "India is proud of its diaspora. They are 24X7 ambassadors of Bharat - 1.7 million here and 32 million all over the world. They can be complemented for exemplifying and that exemplification is considered by every quarter that they remain fully committed to their karmabhoomi and also to janmabhoomi. This wholesome balance they strike with amazing capability."
"India at the moment is the democracy that is most functional on any global parameters, if you look at the three wings of the state - the legislature, the judiciary and the executive, you will find that executive, headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has transformed one-sixth of humanity to unimaginable level of all societal parameters and elements that go to alleviate the suffering of the people. Empowering the common man is taking place. Infrastructure growth, which could never be dreamt earlier, is a ground reality. You see it in road, rail, air or technological connectivity," Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar said.
He stated that digital payment transactions amounted to 1.5 trillion in India in 2022. He said that India has 700 million Internet users and stressed that they have transformed India's service delivery system to a level which could not be imagined earlier.
Dhankhar also met with King Charles III, the First Lady of the United States and other world leaders during a reception at Buckingham Palace. He interacted with Presidents of Israel, Brazil and Italy during King Charles III's reception at Buckingham Palace in the United Kingdom. He also interacted with leaders of various nations during a Commonwealth reception hosted by King Charles III at Marlborough House in London. (ANI)

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