Friday, September, 29,2023

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'Treasure' Unlocked

The grand fashion show titled, ‘The Trunk Treasure,’ was organised in the heart of Jaipur, CScheme at Diablo on Thursday, the show was a spectacular display of elegance and brilliance. Presented by Diablo and First India, the show brought together a fusion of style, talent, and creative brilliance, making it the T-20 of fashion shows.

Jagdeesh Chandra graced the occasion with his presence and praised Gaurav Gaur for curating an awe-inspiring fashion show. He also said that Gaurav Gaur has the best collection of talent in the entire city. Dr Chandra also extended his congratulations to Ravi Parekh, the owner of Diablo, for a successful start to the event.

As the night progressed, the audience was enthralled by the extraordinary designs presented by 15 beautiful models. Snigdha Khanor, the designer behind the stunning collection, left the spectators in awe with her masterful craftsmanship. Each ensemble was a work of art, seamlessly blending artistic creativity with the vibrant colours of Rajasthan. Khanor’s collection truly resonated with the essence of the modern-day fashion aficionado.

The official partners of Elite Miss Rajasthan, namely NS Hoarding, The Headman Salon, Bazzaka advertisements, NFT.Social and Fasdes, Fashion Academy played a significant role in supporting the event. The show itself was beautifully designed by Gaurav Gaur and Shubham Chakraborty, ensuring a visually captivating experience for all attendees. The show was choreographed by Supermodel Akanksha Bhalla.

The 15 models, including Shweta Raje, Devshree Hada, Sheena Parashar, Shrishti Khatri, Tanu Choudhary, Soni Kumari, Khushi Vijay, Varunavi Singh, Rishika, Juhi, Harshita, Soni, Kalpana and Navya walked the ramp with their elegance and stole the show. Their confident presence and impeccable runway skills added an extra layer of glamour to the event.

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