Thursday, September, 21,2023

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The term modelling covers a vast and varied area of endeavour. Global standards of beauty have undergone a sea change over the years, and beauty pageants are no exception. The criteria to win is not just looks, but a fit body, an all-round personality, spoken skills and inner depth. Right from when they are shortlisted by the First India Queen organisation, contestants are encouraged to eat healthy, exercise, and adopt healthy habits. They are groomed physically, mentally and emotionally, and their innate skills are honed. A pageant is a talent or personality contest where beauty is just one of several criteria, you need a combination of communication skills, stage presence and personality. While some models showcased powerful dance performances, some ended up singing melodious songs. Parimal Mehhta, Founder Blanckanvas, Kavita Chauhan of the First India family and Khalid Ansari, IP Consultant graced the evening as the jury. The grand show witnessed spectacular performances in various genres of acting, singing and dancing among many others. The young ravishing girls stepped out of their comfort zones, groomed, and armed to the teeth with grace, poise, information & self-confidence and displayed immense talent during the talent round. The girls kicked off the talent round with a brief introduction followed by spectacular performances. After the grooming and mentoring sessions alone, these girls outshine as epitomes of empowered women with well-shaped opinions. Within a short span, they have inspired thousands not just to believe, but also to speak up for themselves.

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