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With the beginning of the new financial year, a bullish atmosphere has been created in the Indian stock markets. Last week, not only the stock market but also the bullion market touched its highest level to date. The current situation is such that whether it is the stock market or the prices of gold and silver, it can be considered a challenge for both of them to remain at the current peak level.

Even though it may be difficult for the stock markets to face this challenge due to the ongoing turmoil at the international level, rising crude oil prices, continuous selling by foreign institutional investors, and indications of a reduction in interest rates from the US Federal Bank.

It may seem so, but it is not impossible either. In such a situation, in the week starting on Monday, traders predict that the bullish pace will continue in the Indian markets, even if it is slow. April is also the month of announcement of the financial results of the companies, in such a situation it is also certain that the future path of the stock market will be determined by the announcement of the financial results of the companies starting from 8th April and the outline of this bullish trend will also be decided.

There has been an improving trend in the Indian stock markets again last week. According to the data, last week the BSE index improved by 596.87 points and closed at 74248.22, while the NSE Nifty index also increased by 186.80 points and closed at 22513.70. The special thing is that the midcap and smallcap indices also kept pace with the basic index, but their improvement was more than double in comparison, which is pointing towards the future of these sectors. Talking about the bullion market, last week also, we wrote that at present there is a rise in precious metals. This week, while gold prices improved by Rs 3100 per 10 grams, silver prices increased by Rs 6000 per kg and gold prices reached Rs 72,600 per 10 grams and silver reached Rs 82,600 per kg. Traders say that the bullion business is still expected to improve.

Regarding the market trend this week, traders say that companies with strong fundamentals can still be considered safe from the point of view of long-term investment, but investors should also keep in mind that if the market falls due to any reason, there are exceptions. Apart from this, no share is left and the entire market falls. In such a situation, instead of panicking, you should analyze your investment. According to the choice of businessmen, in terms of new investment, apart from companies like Delta Corporation, Idea, Nikhil Adhesive, Ambuja Cement, Jio Finance, Tata Motors, BHEL, JK Tires etc. can be considered as safe investments. Traders say that in view of the widespread boom in the bullion market and the emergence of the stock market as an alternative for small investments, it is also a good sign for the Indian market. The proof of this is that with the opening of about 3 crore 70 lakh new demat accounts in the last financial year, the interest of domestic investors in the stock market has increased, which also indicates that the participation of investors in the stock markets will increase further in the coming time. No new IPO will be available to investors in the main board this week. Four IPOs on the SME platform will be available for investors to apply for, starting on April 8. Before investing in all these IPOs of SMEs, investors should decide to invest only after studying the financial condition of the company and the premium being demanded. On the other hand, among the new IPO applications coming to SEBI, 9 companies have presented their draft herring prospectus-DRHP this week, which also indicates that there will be competition among companies in the coming time to raise funds from the primary capital market.

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