The film was released in theatres on Friday in which actor Ranveer Singh is seen playing the lead role. The story of the film revolves around the “Beti Bachao”, motto. Jayeshbhai is the son of the village head played by Boman Irani who makes laws in the village only for women and girls and is obsessed to have a grandson who will carry forward the family legacy. His son Jayesh ( Ranveer Singh) is a father of a daughter and is expecting his second child. The story accelerates when Ranveer Singh’s family finds out that the unborn child is a female, it is then that the cat and mouse chase starts. Jayesh is adamant that he will see his daughter born and his family is the one who wants to kill the unborn. The story runs around intense funny scenes created by Ranveer Singh’s character in the array to save the unborn.

The film lacks content and does not keep the audience engaged for long. Even if you miss watching a scene there is nothing to lose. Ranveer Singh’s character is the only one for which you can watch the film. The screenplay and direction do not add any charm to the ordinary story of the film. Overall the “Jordaar”, the element is missing from the film.

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