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Rajasthan State Handloom Corporation, under the leadership of CMD IAS Neha Giri, conducted the Rajasthan Handloom Show 2022 on the eve of Rajasthan Diwas, which is observed on March 30 every year. The ‘ Time Travel’ concept of the fashion show was to promote sustainable fashion as well as the craftsmen, weavers, and manufacturers behind textile crafts. The fashion show’s design development partner is Aachho, one of India’s premier ethnic wear fashion firms situated in Jaipur.

The complete collection was developed utilising indigenous natural materials and traditional dyeing and printing processes. The assemblage was wonderfully created by Rimjhim Hada, Founder and Creative Head of Aachho, with an emphasis on integrating ethnic fashion traditions with modern sensibilities. White prints contrast with the brightly blue coloured attire. The colour white is said to be neat, easy, and absolute. It fills in firm opposition to the colour black, and its aims are straightforward. As white light includes all the shades of the spectrum, it’s a comprehensive, unbiased colour, choosing no particular hue and denying to take sides. The colour white is illuminating, easing our minds to concentrate and assisting in coordination. The colour white is also straightforward, brings in transparency, and marks certain boundaries. Also, too much white colour can be difficult, and sometimes even misleading.

Floral themes and prints on chanderi, Bagru Print and cotton grabbed the show, with matching bags, accessories, and shoes fashioned from the same fabric and oxidised silver jewellery.

The fashion show, which took place at Hawa Mahal, with models from Style Skool as well as supermodels Candice Pinto and Deepti Gujral as show stoppers.

Sizzlin Scizzors, the official make-up & hair partner followed the show theme, giving all the models a striking look & Diggi Palace set an example for amazing hospitality for guests. The show was directed by the renowned TV stylist and fashion Choreographer, Abhimanyu Singh Tomar and the entire event was managed by Abhishek Singh from Vanamo Entertainment. Official fashion photographer Yash Jangid captured magical moments thru his lens. The collection will be available on aachho. com starting June 1. 

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