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The grand finale of a 3-days workshop of the Latin Dance ‘Bachata’ organised by Studio Popcorn, was held at Club Karma on Sunday.

Cornel and Rithika, a renowned international and celebrity dance couple specialise in the style of Sensual Bachata, nailed the floor!

International dance form ‘Bachata’ was performed for the first time in Jaipur, where renowned international and celebrity dancer duo Cornel and Rithika trained various couples of Jaipur.

The occasion was the finale of the 3-day dance workshop ‘Fiesta De Salsa’ organised by Studio Popcorn, Jaipur.

Many couples from Jaipur participated in this grand gala held at Club Karma on Sunday.

Jagdeesh Chandra received a warm welcome as he graced the evening as the Chief Guest. Model and actress Charvi Tanya Dutta was present as the special guest on the occasion.

Various dignitaries including JD Maheshwari, Dr Maulik Shah, Manju Shah, Ravi Sharma and Vijay Kumar Soni were present on the occasion.

The couples looked stunning performing the sensual dance form .

The dance witnessed couples in a closed position, tightly interweaved in each other’s arms.

Cornel and Rithika gave a stunning special training and performed a seductive eight-step routine that is typical of the Caribbean dance.

The pair showed amazing chemistry and intensity, truly bringing out the spirit of the intimate style.

They were accompanied by the organisers and mesmerizing couple, model and actress Mona Gautam and Karthikay Soni. The program was led by Sunil Verma and Ananya Singh.

Mona and Kartikhay on the occasion said, “Bachata is a dance form which is not yet known to many people in India.

This dance form has been mostly witnessed only in Mumbai and Delhi, now in Rajasthan also we aim to enhance this dance form.

The Bachata has many variations depending on location, these can vary from the Authentic Dominican style, as western dance styles have interposed their own twist on the dance.”

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