Saturday, June, 25,2022


Tell us something about yourself.

My name is Urmila Chauhan I was born in Sirsa, Haryana but raised in Gurugram. I am a businesswoman and I have an online clothing store on Instagram, ETSY and Amazon.

Where do you see yourself after the next 20 years?

I wish to see myself as a successful woman and I have my clothing brand titled, “Young Lady Like India or yllindia. I want to develop my business skills to achieve exponential growth. I believe in giving my 100% in whatever I do. I am working as a brand strategist right now which I could not have thought of 7 months ago.

How did your journey begin?

I developed an interest in the field of fashion at a very young age which motivated me to pursue fashion design. I have worked as a fashion designer and merchant designer for two years. But due to a sudden outbreak of corona, I left my job and then my husband encouraged me to set up our own business and then YLLINDIA was born.

What were some of the battles you fought & are still fighting in your journey?

Despite all the challenges in my life. I faced a financial crunch but my family helped & supported me in my toughest times.

Talk to us about your achievements.

One of the greatest moments of my life was when I participated in a workshop on fashion designing and back staging in a fashion show of vaunting international fashioner week 2018 held in Umrao hotel.

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