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ROSE: Loveliest of lovely things!

Commonly known as the Queen of Flowers or King of Flowers, the smooth red flower signifies its beautiful duality, that it possesses both kingliness (magnificence, status, and power) and queenliness (beauty, grace, and cultural refinement). The flower is unrivalled in terms of beauty, colour, and scent. This is why it is regarded as a widely popular flower. Not only gardens but hearts of flower lovers are not considered complete without elegant roses. Great variety in plant growth, flower colour, flower form, smell, the gradual opening of flowers, and high-keeping quality make roses so popular that it is produced commercially to supply the demand for cut blooms. Valentine's Week is the time of year when the globe becomes crimson in the colours of love. People who are in love and have discovered their special someone spend the day with them and pledge to remain with them forever. Valentine's Day shows us the value of love and how it can overcome all obstacles. The day also honours the love we have for our families, friends, and, most importantly, ourselves. It promotes all types of love and teaches us that in a world rife with hostility, all we need is a little bit of love. Valentine's day commences with Rose Day and as we gear up to celebrate rose Day, here’s a look at the distinct meaning of the hues of roses.

Every rose represents something different. When making your Valentine's Day purchases, keep the meaning of each hue in mind. Fortunately, we'll give you the following useful guidance so you may quickly select the roses that have the greatest meaning for your friends, family, and loved ones.

We all know that Red represents love and affection. Red Rose is the most popular and traditional Valentine's Day gift is red flowers. They are the ideal present for a long-term partner since they transmit a message of deep loving sentiments.

Yellow is the colour of friendship and affection, this colour signifies celebration and joy. The bright colour of the rose says that You're a fantastic buddy. If you're in a love relationship, you might want to avoid yellow since some people believe it represents jealousy and dishonesty.

Just like its fragrance, Lavender is the dream of rare. When something is considered exquisite and rare, it signifies that you think the world of the person who is receiving it. Lavender roses will make your loved one feels special, exuding magic, grandeur, and magnificence. If your money is limited this year, consider this inexpensive Valentine's Day presents that appear costly.

White has always signified purity and innocence in terms of rose colour meaning. It is also known as the bridal flower since weddings represent fresh beginnings. Even if you aren't ready for marriage, this rose might be ideal for your love. A bouquet of fresh, white roses is the perfect present for a blossoming romance.

Deep purple blooms exemplify the lovestruck sensation we get when we've head over heels in love sentiment. Purple roses are more suited to a transient infatuation than a long and loving love. Purple flowers might be a step towards deeper emotions of love, opening the way for future gifts of pink, red, and orange roses.

Red roses symbolise deep love and yellow flowers symbolise friendship. Palomares proposes thinking of orange as a bridge between the two because it is a combination of the two. Indicating passion, energy, and interest, these colourful flowers convey to your Valentine that you want your friends to progress.

Blue roses, unlike most other rose hues, do not exist in nature. As a result, blue flowers have come to symbolise mystery, the impossible, or the unreachable. A bouquet of blue roses is a terrific way to let someone know they are one of a kind. Choosing one of these oneof-a-kind presents will also suffice.

Rainbow roses, with a little bit of every hue in their petals, remind us that they're our closest friend and lover, valued and respected, and most importantly, unique in that they also signify hope, pride and equality. Rainbows arise after storms, signalling hope and better things to come. All of the hues come together to be recognised equally, expressing the message of inclusion and welcome to all.

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