Saturday, June, 25,2022


It's been 5 years of being a charcoal artist, I've learnt the art form from Kalaneri Art Academy, one of the most renowned and prestigious academies in Jaipur.

Charcoal art is to develop a piece of art using raw charcoal or charred (burnt) sticks of wood. This is performed on varieties of sheets but handmade sheets are exceptional in respect to the outcome of a portrait or painting.

Charcoal on a handmade sheet is the most challenging and the artist needs to be cautious throughout as there is no way to rectification of a mistake, or else the sheet gets damaged. To perform the art on such sheets the artist needs to have a high degree of focus, patience and well versed in techniques involved in this medium as the creation of large size paintings takes several months to complete. Charcoal comes in different forms like brick sticks, pencils, powder or raw sticks.

This art form has often been misinterpreted as fire art, However, both of them are completely different as fire art uses permanent impression by balancing the burning chemicals over a chemically protected sheet whereas charcoal is creating art by using a burnt piece of wood (raw charcoal) over the paper. The main characteristic of charcoal as a medium is that, unless it is fixed by the application of some form of gum or resin, it is impermanent, easily erased or smudged and the fixing process can only be done once the painting is completed so the artist has to be careful while making an art piece.

The Artist community faces many challenges to earn from this profession. Customers appreciate and are desirous of such art pieces, but are reluctant to pay for the efforts and hard work an artist put into create such unique and brilliant work. We shall not only embrace but also endow an artist.

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