Saturday, June, 25,2022

“LET LIVE...... or ABORT ??

This question, creating bigger fault lines in American society, has snow balled into a raging debate. So far, the most extreme Pro-choice rebuttal has come from an unexpected source. A woman holding up a placard in a demonstration against the likely verdict of a conservative & “Republican” Supreme Court Bench: “HE WHO HATH NOT A UTERUS SHOULD SHUT THE F$#KETH UP”, a parody on Biblical quotes. This biting comment is against the cynical, unprogressive lawmakers, ostensibly drawing their logic from the Christian faith.

The Bible is the fountainhead of Christian morality and speaks loudly against Abortion:

“God will not hold any blameless for the death of Innocents”

But humanity, having evolved for more than 2000 years, challenges that gospel’s truth”.

Among the Nine Supreme Court Judges, conservative ones are in a majority now, with President Trump having appointed 3 judges in hot haste in his short 4-year term. Grabbing this opportunity, they have conspired to excavate a 50-year old Law, settled via the historic 7-2 verdict of 1973, famously called ROE V. WADE. Upturning that Law will be akin to igniting powder kegs in an already divided society.

The minority Conservative supporters of the proposed new Law on Abortion are supposed to be traditionalists. Doesn’t a 50-yearold practice become a tradition too??

Having said that, we now come to the core issue of PRO-LIFE vs PRO-CHOICE.

Who determines the exact time when a human comes into being after conception ??

The disputants on both sides advocate different stages of pregnancy for determining when it’s morally right to snuff out Life inside the womb.

Its common knowledge that the moment a conception takes place, the joint energy of a male & female stirs Life inside the womb, leading to the birth of a human. To say that it’s only sinful to abort after 6, 16 or 24 weeks are just ruses by unwitting opposing sides.

Some argue that it’s the first heartbeat of the foetus, happening between weeks 5-6 of gestation, that is the sole criteria to determine the beginning of Life. Others link human life to mind consciousness. This neural integration is said to take place between 24- 28 weeks. These are conflicting views of cold science. What happens in the warm confines of the womb are unanswered questions of morality, choice and survival.

In all this confusion, the one proper person with the real answer is the one bearing life in her Uterus: THE MOTHER !!

A Woman, always placed on an unequal footing, has been devastated by choices thrust upon her. Great thinkers & social reformers argued for a woman’s right over her body, with Guru Nanak further raising her status to one below God, but above man’s.

Such thoughts did set off an evolution that led to sawing off the shackles of woman’s choice on Abortion. But unfortunately, humanity may slide back if anti-choice laws are enacted again.

America being the beacon of democratic values, is looked upon by growing democracies for guidance. If the proposed dark law upends a 50-year-old practice, it will throw a long shadow over liberal values across the world. The right-wingers everywhere will be quick to grab this polarising issue and thrust this patriarchal system upon society.

The Republicans are pushing for this obsolete idea, not for moral values, or even to protect life, but to turn the USA into a theocracy to control & punish women. This debate from the right corner is not about religious principles either. It’s about accumulating power via this political crowbar that deals out fear and cynically turns women against each other to minimize their collective power. It is built on oppression to control women’s lives & bodies.

Childbirth is a woman’s domain. She bears the pain, pleasure and hormonal/emotional upheaval for long months. She knows best whether to abort or not. There are scores of health, social, financial, and other reasons that may influence her decision. It’s a very delicate issue, not a cutand-dry cookie cutter. Please do not shred the emotional tapestry of the woman, God’s second-in-command !! The opposite of Abortion is not Motherhood. It is Injustice.

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