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Humanity needs Human intervention!

The world we inhabit is at odds with itself. People are fighting people. Nature is rebelling against people. Artificial Intelligence is looming large and usurping essential functions hitherto performed by humans.

How do we as a race and a species, address these challenges? Whom shall we look to; what kind or type of individual or cohort might supply critical answers & solutions, whilst also preemptively asking the most pertinent questions, ultimately possessing the capacity to actually execute emerging fixes?

Is it the idealist politician of yore; the deeply morally upright individual who might, in the face of violence, turn and offer his other cheek? Or is it the dictatorial leader who might display a propensity to adopt and service a binary agenda, one that is far removed from the people’s? Or is it perhaps to be a monarch, that might rise like a phoenix from the ashes and sprinkle magical-gold dust and banish all of life’s woes?

There are no definitive answers, nor am I, of all people, qualified to pronounce decisive judgment on this. However, as a relatively free-thinking, aware, sensitive, erudite individual, I can share my considered views and opinions on the matter. Offer a proposal. One that I have arrived at after deep introspection, marrying my findings with a thorough scan and survey of the situation the world finds itself in. And here’s my simple submission.

The first essential saviour that comes to my mind is an Empath. The world, with all its frailty and woes, needs an individual with a genuine understanding and will to do right by all. A person who is naturally, intrinsically predisposed to doing good – for fellow humans, each gender, every species, the environment. Citizens across the planet, communities, religions, and socio-economic strata, need to be heard, interpreted intricately, and accepted entirely. There is a lot of accidental and conscious ‘othering’ that has taken place. Communities feel slighted, wronged, marginalized, maligned, sidelined, and have fallen by the wayside on the road to development and socio-economic as well as spiritual evolution. Only an Empath can bring them back through a nuanced and authentic recognition of their thoughts, brought about by a slew of atrocities, man-made or otherwise. An Empath has the intellectual, and more importantly, emotional prowess to reunite the world and all its elements and occupiers into a harmonious whole.

Until recently, it could be argued with some success, that the Environmentalist has been a human resource who has been largely relegated to certain myopic departments of governments and societies across nations. That he or she has been severely limited in their roles, involvement, and employability of their scholastic as well as societally relevant innovations. I suspect most will now agree, that time has come, to place an Environmentalist front and centre, empowered, and in charge. Almost every pursuit of mankind is intertwined with the environment, with only the degree varying. Either inextricably, or at the least, in the form of impact-on-climate; production, manufacturing, services, and personal everyday lives of citizens – each has its own relationship with and consequent effect on the environment. How then, with the current degradation of the environment, can we not have someone with critical and clear knowledge of the environment, be at the forefront of policy, decision-making, innovation, ideation and implementation? Be it personal carbon footprints to the Artificial Intelligence universe, it is the Environmentalist that will serve as the guardian, reality-check, minder, keeper, preserver and protector of the planet, thereby making him or her, an absolutely crucial and indispensable component of a new world order.

This final resource, you’d be forgiven for inferring, is to propagate my own kind, being an Educator. I promise however, it isn’t. When I say Educator, in the context of this article that is exploring a new normal in terms of ‘leading the world’; the term is being used rather broadly and liberally. As Educator, I do not, therefore, confine that role to one who might be a primary, middle or high-school teacher. Nor do I limit it to an Academic or an Education-Entrepreneur. By Educator, I mean an individual who embodies an amalgam of Learned & Lived Experiences. Let me further clarify. Someone who is perhaps a Scholar of Philosophy, combining that ‘learned knowledge’ with vast & diverse ‘lived-life experiences’, from which emerges an organic wisdom. The complementary facet of Knowledge & Wisdom is what is needed, in my view, to lead the world. Someone who can assess the problems, ideate solutions, and design programs that are practical, resultoriented, and realistically executable remedies. A person who has the scholastic intellect, pragmatism, and power to implement and affect mass mobilization and mass-change. A simple example could be the increasing rate of student suicides. An Educator who understands, at a cerebral level, the reasons for this angst, can deploy their wisdom to seek solutions and combine the two to implement the found countermeasures.

The three E’s then – Empath, Environmentalist & Educator, I staunchly believe, hold the key to the world’s resurrection and emancipation. In an era where everything ‘E’ is the buzzword – be it IT or Climate, and an alleged Eco-Consciousness; we ought to put our money where our mouth is, and invest in a new order, a paradigm shift in leadership, and develop the courage to hand the reigns of the world to the most logical stewardship possible in the current circumstances – The 3 Es.

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