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Yogi govt gears up to equip UPSRTC with state-of-the-art features

Lucknow: The Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (UPSRTC) is poised to undergo a digital transformation, leveraging advanced technological capabilities to enhance citizen-centric services across the state.
Spearheaded by Uttar Pradesh Electronics Corporation Limited (UPELC), the nodal agency appointed to provide IT/ITES solutions, the development of the UPSRTC web portal is set to revolutionize the way transportation services are accessed and managed.

The comprehensive revamp of the UPSRTC portal is aimed at fostering a robust data-driven ecosystem within an integrated technological framework. A key aspect of this initiative is the provision of online bus timetables for all routes, empowering passengers with convenient access to schedules, thereby optimizing travel experiences and minimizing congestion.
By enabling real-time monitoring of vehicle movements and conducting online surveys to gauge passenger preferences, the corporation aims to enhance operational efficiency and profitability.

During the portal's development phase, innovative features such as the 'Bus Health System' for monitoring vehicle maintenance and the 'Smart Bus Rating System' for ensuring service quality will be seamlessly integrated, further enhancing the passenger experience.
In addition to providing essential passenger services, the revamped portal will prioritize safety and emergency management. An emergency notification system will be implemented to promptly alert passengers in case of emergencies or breakdowns, ensuring swift response and assistance when needed.
Furthermore, the portal will facilitate a rewards program for passengers, encouraging engagement and loyalty while enhancing overall satisfaction.

The responsibility of managing the feature-rich UPSRTC portal will be entrusted to a designated software agency, ensuring seamless execution and ongoing maintenance.
Integration with critical systems such as the Annual Fare Calculation System (AFCS) and the Annual Vehicle Load Calculation System (AVLS) will optimize operational efficiency, while integration with external platforms and payment gateways will enhance accessibility and convenience for users.

To ensure the portal's seamless operation and security, provisions for cloud server setup, hosting, and ongoing maintenance will be meticulously implemented.
Additionally, comprehensive training and capacity-building initiatives will be undertaken to equip stakeholders with the necessary skills and knowledge to leverage the portal effectively.

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