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Sudha Chandran: Got the chance to play a double role after 35 years

Mumbai (Maharashtra): Actress Sudha Chandran was always fascinated by double roles and feels lucky to have finally got the chance to play one in her show Naagin 6. The actress, who plays the role of Seema and her mother Tara in the show, says that she loves the variations between the two characters.

“This is the first time that I have played a double role. It's very exciting and I always wanted to do a double role. Each time I saw actors doing double roles, I always longed to do one but I never got the chance. After 35-36 years, Balaji Telefilms gave me the opportunity and I simply loved it. I always felt that the variation is very important, if you see me in Naagin 6, the character of Tara that I am playing is of Adivasi and I have made it very rustic and kept very black makeup. It looks very rustic and low but when it came to Seema's character, which I am playing as well, I have plaits and a long bindi. It is a cute looking image. As an actor when I saw myself, I was very convinced that these two looks are so different and unique,” she says.

She adds, “The challenging part in playing a double role is that you have to look different. The mannerisms have to be different, especially when you are in the same frame. The fun part is seeing yourself play the two characters!”

The actress says that people are also loving this sequence. “People have called me up, applauded and have loved the performance. In fact, they said that Naagin mein ab maza aa raha hai as the negative track has started. The story has been scripted so well, kudos to Balaji Telefilms who have come up with such a brilliant idea. I have given my 100 per cent and the rest I have left to God,” she says.

Talking about how she got to know about the role, she says that it came as a total surprise. “Initially, I remember that the costume designer sent me a message saying that these are Seema's mother sarees and I said that maybe you have sent these to me by mistake as I am playing Seema. She said that I am playing a double role and at that time I was taken aback as it was a surprise, nobody told me about it. But I was never nervous as I believed in my talent and I was prepared,” she says.

Meanwhile, Sudha says that content on TV is also evolving thanks to the wonderful series available on OTT. “There is a big threat coming from OTT and now, when you see television, the content is very good. On OTT, there is wonderful content coming in so television writers and makers cannot take it lying low, so yes there are a lot of innovations happening in television as well now,” she says.

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