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EXPOSED! Kareena exposed wearing a fake Cartier bracelet by a Cartier employee

Mumbai (Maharashtra): Kareena Kapoor Khan is a stunning beauty and she does not spare anyone as she kills with her charismatic looks every time, she posts a picture on her social media. While fans keep themselves busy by pouring praise in her comments, many are ready to find a hidden controversy in every photo. Recently, Diet Sabya, an anonymous Instagram account that has dedicated its time to exposing knock-offs, fakes and rip-offs in the fashion and entertainment world, uncovered a shocking discovery.

Kareena had recently posted a selfie on her Instagram Stories with the caption, “Lazy Lamhe”. The actress could be seen wearing a series of golden bracelets which looked like Cartier’s The spy account quickly posted a screenshot of a dm that he got from a follower with the caption “Not the Cartier Gworls reporting Bebo”. The follower had sent Kareena’s story to Sabya with the message, “I work for Cartier! This is pathetic”.

Many joined in harmless fun teasing where they posted a photo of their Cartier bracelet with a watch in the shot and captioned them as ‘Tea Time’. Another follower of Diet Sabya sent the picture of her bracelet to the account and messaged, “serving morning tea in NY as well. My husband called it out and I said there is no way she is wearing fake…It must be some design not available for us ‘normal’ people”.

Although, there were a few who defended the actress. One user questioned the ruckus over a mere fake bracelet. “Are they not allowed to wear fake? Like sometimes I buy the fakes coz I can’t afford the original. Is it wrong?” To this, the anonymous user replied, “Who wants to explain?” with a crying emoji.

It looks like celebrities wearing fake bracelets is a big deal for fashion polices in the world of entertainment. But whether our Bebo is a criminal offender of fashion, is a statement only Bebo can verify.

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