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Pan India Star Prithviraj Sukumaran Shares Picture from the sets of 'L2: Empuraan'

After having a successful run with films at the box boffice pan India Star Prithviraj Sukumaran is back in the director's chair  for the sequel of L2 Empuraan. The team is currently in Gujarat shooting an important schedule for the film.

Actor-turned-director Prithviraj Sukumaran  shared a picture of himself from the set in action mode with his cinematographer Sujith Vasudev. The photo, posted on his social media, provides a glimpse into a night shoot in Gujarat, hinting at the intense and atmospheric scenes being filmed for the highly anticipated sequel.

Checkout the post:

'L2: Empuraan,' is the sequel to the critically acclaimed 'Lucifer,' which is awaited by the fans since the announcement of the project. Directed by Prithviraj himself, the film promises to be a grand spectacle, continuing the legacy of its predecessor. The cast includes industry heavyweights including Mohanlal, Prithviraj Sukumaran, along with others, further raising expectations for the sequel.

Prithviraj’s post has quickly garnered attention and excitement across social media platforms, about the plot and the sequences being shot with fans expressing their eagerness to witness the next chapter of the 'Lucifer' saga. ‘L2: Empuraan’ has completed its shoot across various locations including Kerala, New Delhi, Ladakh, the USA, and the UK. The diverse locales promise a visually rich and engaging experience for the audience.

Earlier this year, Prithviraj Sukumaran delivered a groundbreaking performance in his critically acclaimed movie 'The Goat Life,' which garnered widespread praise and achieved significant worldwide success. Fans are now eagerly anticipating what Prithviraj has in store with 'L2: Empuraan.'

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