Thursday, January, 27,2022

PCC treasurer Sitaram seeks funds from party leaders

Jaipur: PCC treasurer Sitaram Agarwal has started the process to fill the coffers of the Congress party that are getting empty.

There is need of funds running the PCC and huge dues are pending towards the MLAs, which the PCC has now started demanding.

The amount has to be deposited as per the recommendations of the Manmohan Committee. But 25 percent of the public representatives did not deposit the dues.

Rules for ministers, MLAs and leaders sitting in positions of profit are there.

The rule is of depositing one month’s salary in the party fund every year. PCC members have to deposit Rs 300 annually and AICC members Rs 600 annually in the party fund. CM Gehlot is top in giving regular amount.

PCC Chief Govind Dotasra and former deputy CM Sachin Pilot also deposited money on time.

Now PCC’s new treasurer Sitaram Agarwal is writing letters to everyone so that the empty treasury of PCC can be filled.

Aggarwal had said after assuming the post, “I am the son of a bania and know how to settle the balance

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