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'Two and a Half Men' star Charlie Sheen attacked at home, suspect arrested

Washington: Actor Charlie Sheen was attacked in his Malibu home, and police officials have arrested and charged the suspect with assault and burglary.
Entertainment outlet TMZ quoted officers saying that "Charlie's neighbor, a 47-year-old woman, forced her way into his home and attacked him when he opened the door after hearing a knock. We're told she ripped Charlie's shirt and attempted to strangle him ... and then went back to her own house."
The actor was seen by paramedics but not taken to a hospital, added the TMZ report.
This was not the first confrontation between the neighbours, reporting previous incidents, officers stated, "We're told Charlie doesn't understand what prompted the incident but this apparently isn't his first issue with her ... he told deputies he believes the same woman squirted some type of sticky liquid on his car recently."
A source close to Charlie told TMZ that he spoke to the woman after the car incident ... and their conversation was something to the effect of letting bygones be bygones.
The woman dumped trash in front of Charlie's door a day before the attack. Charlie is the one who called 911. The woman was eventually arrested at her home and booked for assault with a deadly weapon and burglary for allegedly forcing her way into the home and attacking him, as per TMZ report.
Meanwhile, Sheen has been out of the spotlight for the past six years, focusing on his recovery, parenting his 14-year-old twins Max and Bob, and settling into what he calls a "predictable routine." However, the attention has returned.
Charlie Sheen, sacked from his hit sitcom 'Two and a Half Men' for erratic behaviour, shared that he's now sober, happy, and ready to work again, reported People.
Sheen, 58, is re-entering the acting industry, beginning with an appearance as himself in two episodes of Chuck Lorre's new Max sports gambling dramedy 'Bookie', starring Sebastian Maniscalco.
According to People, 'Bookie' allows Sheen to reteam with the same show creator who famously fired him from 'Two and a Half Men' in 2011 for his erratic behaviour, after which Sheen called Lorre a "clown" and a "turd" during an interview.
"Look, for a while, there wasn't much about my life to complain about," Sheen told People. "I lived a life where people were really happy when I showed up, and they were sad when I left."
But then, he said, his demons, or his "possession," as he calls his struggles with drugs and alcohol, changed everything. "That went away when everything turned to s--t," he said. "It turned into, 'Oh, God. Here he comes,' and then 'Is he gone? Good.'"

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