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La Bon's 'Channi' Brew Specialty Coffee Breaking Barriers

While India is ranked 4th in the top 10 countries that are the largest tea consumers across the globe, Filter Coffee or ‘Filter Kapi’ on the other hand has been more like a true emotion in South India. Over the last decade or so it has transcended the rest of the country and now the love for coffee comes in more than one form, like instant coffee or specialty coffee. 

Traditional coffee brewing methods have a charm and a story of their own. They dispense flavours beyond the acceptable capabilities of our taste buds. A few widely known methods like the Pour Over for the Filter coffee and also the French Press, Moka Pot, Chemex, and the Turkish Cezve, have excellent characteristics and give the coffee a multitude of flavor notes. On the other hand, a simple tool like ‘Channi’ is not foreign to us either, but not for preparing coffee. One brand that is breaking this barrier is La Bon Beans & Coffee. Developing specialty coffee at La Bon that can be brewed with a Channi in the comfort of one’s own home is groundbreaking for all coffee fanatics as well as occasional instant coffee consumers.

Can you imagine a world where every sip of coffee is an experience, where the aroma tantalizes your senses and the taste lingers on your palate, transcending a mere beverage to become a moment of indulgence? The answer is Yes, with the realm of La Bon Beans & Coffee, where innovation meets a very gastronomically inclusive experience, and every cup is brewed to perfection. At La Bon, we’re not just about coffee; we’re about the ease of brewing in a way that makes specialty coffee accessible to all! 

Our secret mantra? The ‘Channi’ brewing method. An ode to traditionality with a touch of rich and modern flavors. 

What Makes La Bon Different? 

A lot of early studies claimed that consumption of coffee could lead to health issues, but contrary research with legitimate evidence states that drinking coffee has varied health benefits. Moderate consumption of coffee, i.e. about 2-5 cups a day can be beneficial in lowering the likely occurrence of heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and even depression. This, in a nutshell, puts coffee as a beverage on the flip side, where it’s a go-getter for your overall physical health and a refresher for your mental balance. 

So why choose La Bon over other brands? It's simple - their commitment to excellence. With their unique 'Channi' method you can ensure a consistent, flavorful brew every time. But that's not all. They take it a step further with live roasting, preserving the freshness and integrity of the beans like no other with their roast-to-ship model, where only the required amount of whole coffee beans are roasted and shipped to consumers, making their entire specialty coffee experience palpable. 

The added benefit of La Bon’s ‘Channi’ brewing method isn’t just limited to its accessibility and taste but also adds the ‘sugar’ of health in it. The Channi allows optimal extraction, intensifying the addition of coffee antioxidants and limiting problems causing acidity. This way, you are bound to always have a smoother, balanced cup of our coffee. And say bye to those embarrassing jitters!

Democratizing Slow Brews Instantly 

Unlike some strong competitors, who aim for mass production and instant preparation, the brand focuses on craftsmanship, customization, and consistency! Through a saturated world of mediocrity and mass production & consumption, La Bon stands out as a beacon of luxury, proving specialty coffee can become an everyday beverage. 

Experience the extraordinaire yourself, while we democratize specialty coffee! Visit La Bon Beans & Coffee today, explore our curated range of blends, and let your palate have a surprising experience. 



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