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A’bad airport to extend drop time of passengers

Ahmedabad: The Ahmedabad airport, controlled by the Adani Group, has rolled back its decision to restrict the drop-off time for passengers.

The airport in an announcement said the free passage to drop passengers had been increased from 5 minutes to 10 minutes.

This has come after angry protests over its earlier decision to keep the time for five minutes.

A newspaper report had also practically demonstrated that how the traffic at the airport means it will be impossible for anyone to comply with the 5-minute deadline.

A free passage refers to the time given to a car or vehicle to drop a passenger and get out of the airport without having to pay a fee.

The airport authorities said they had decided to increase the free passage time to 10 minutes following feedback from passengers and other stakeholders.

It said the change in the passage would be applicable from April 2 midnight. 

The Adani airport managment said it would in the future provide special drop zones for passengers with reduced mobility, expectant mothers and those travelling with infants.

It said the Ahmedabad airport had made changes in the parking fees and organisation of parking zones to “improve and smoothen vehicular movement” at the airport premises.

The airport parking charges were increased from April 1, and with it the parking time. Earlier a two-hour car parking cost Rs80 but now as per the new changes effective from April 1, 30 minutes of parking time will cost Rs90.

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