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We want children from abroad to come here for studies: MP Bohra

Jaipur: The Education Summit was organised by First India and Bharat24 at Hotel Crowne Plaza in Jaipur on Friday. Education Min BD Kalla said, “Your decision should be such that it will benefit everyone. The new education policy is good, but till now the states have not benefited. Now there is a need for quality education.”

Meanwhile, MP Ramcharan Bohra said that Jagdeesh Chandra has left an indelible mark in every field. “The kind of churning that is going on in this and different things have been said by everyone on different subjects. We want children from abroad to come here for studies. Today medical colleges have been opened in every district,” he said.

Speaking at the Education Summit, First India News CMD Jagdeesh Chandra said that in today’s era, various organizations organize such events, but most of the events remain mere formalities. “People’s involvement is only where there is some good thing. Today’s education summit is organised very well. Many children’s issues were discussed in this summit.”

Speaking in the program, MLA Rafeek Khan, giving the date of the model school opened in the present government, said that Rajasthan is the only state in which English schools have been opened at this level. In the Education Summit, educationists discussed about the education policy including the current education system, as well as various educationists kept their views on how to carry their culture and values in the education of the present day.

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