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Mother's perseverance pays off: Son of Illiterate community in J&K becomes first university graduate

Srinagar: Ganie Mohalla, a neighbourhood in the Gundpora Village of North Kashmir's Bandipora district, has one of the lowest literacy rates in the area.
However, Aisha Begum, a woman in her 40s, was determined to see her son complete graduation against all odds and impossibilities.
Aisha was determined to see her son receive an education despite the community being unreceptive to the idea of education.
Begum worked hard and saved every penny to invest in her son's education at the cost of his own comfort.
Aisha's perseverance and dedication, have set an example for other parents in the area.
Her achievement is a reminder that with determination, one can overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.
Javid Ahmad, Aisha's son, the first university graduate student in his community, credits his success to his mother's hard work.
He attended a government school where English medium education was introduced late, making it very hard for him to even speak the language. He started reading books to get hold of the language.
He initially devoted four hours to his studies and later eight hours during exam time, but the main thing, according to Javid, that saw him through all his struggles was his belief in himself.
Javid said his mother, Aisha, is his inspiration. Despite her poor health, she remained determined to provide him with a good education.
Javid said that he was fascinated by her mother's capacity to rebound back and wishes to follow in her footsteps.
Aisha's efforts have left a mark behind in the community. Parents, who were once inflicted with poverty, have started to talk about their children's education for a better life.
Aisha's determination and commitment to her son's education are commendable. Her achievement is a reminder that education is a powerful tool that can break down barriers and uplift marginalized communities. (ANI)

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